Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year.... New Perspective... :-)

New Year's day...well it's one thing that is worth waiting for... for we all hope that something interesting is about to happen as we leave the past and enter a new chapter in our lives. I never practice having new year's resolutions but this 2012... i guess ill be having one... to LOSE a LOT of WEIGHT... hehehehe!

im serious guys... i want to lose weight just as other girls who want to be happy this new year... it's not that im not content with what i have... for those who are really close to me...they know that im easy to please and i grew up not asking for more than i could have... let's just say that i can easily be content with what the Lord blessed me with. but this year... i just want to have some change... and i guess...this one's gonna hit the Billboard charts... hehehe!

let's see... gaining weight is really disadvantageous... hey guys spare me some time... see... how could i be a popstar if i will continue to gain weight... hehehe... it's not that im really into this dream of becoming a star, but why not... for all we know i could be the next American Idol... :-) hahahaha! enough of this crap... let's be serious ok?

hey as my loved ones always say... you know opportunity knocks once and you need to be ready for it.i want to lose weight for many reasons....

1. i do not want to spend more money than i used to when buying clothes... you know buying large-sized shirts and stuffs are way more expensive than buying their smaller versions... even those with the "M" or "S" label on them are way cheaper.

2. i still want to wear sexy clothes... not the "sexy- sexy" stuff... and these are easier to find than looking for bigger-sized fashionable tops...

3. i like to change my wardrobe... i mean i want to see red-, blue-, pink-. and lilac-colored tops in my cabinet instead of the dark-colored shirts that i usually wear to hide my excess fats... tsk tsk...

4. i want my relatives and siblings to tell me like ... "ate or Mcdo you are losin weight...
 instead of tellin me whenever they see me "you are getting fatter and fatter..." imagine how would you react when you hear such comment... me? i always smile and tell them that im content with my life... but for all we know... the truth is that i am just having a hard time losin weight.

i could tell a lot of reasons why i want to lose weight... but to sum it up... my new year's plan will help me be more confident with what i do... i write for a living and for fun... i think receiving compliments from people will really inspire me to do better at the office and at home... :-)

so guys... follow my blogs and let's see if i could really be successful this year in terms of this resolution... :-)


Happiness is...

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